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About How to Program

How to Program is a UK site created by Paul Ireland, who, amongst other things...
  • has a BSc (Hons) 2.1 degree in Computer Science (Aston University, Birmingham 1985-1989), a course which was heavy on the programming, where one of the final year courses was to create a C compiler in Pascal!
  • has been developing software (DOS, Windows, database, multimedia, city finance, 3D PC games, 3D mobile phone games, business web development) since the early eighties
  • has gone from permanent employment, through to contracting for banks in the city (e.g. merchant banks), to founding in 1998 his own interactive software company Abstract Worlds Ltd
  • has experience in a number of languages, including the following programming languages: C, C++, VB, Java, JavaScript, ActionScript, C#, PHP, database languages: MS SQLServer, MySQL, and page description languages: HTML, CSS
  • in 1999 working as a contractor for a merchant bank in the city, designed and developed a risk management system in VB, ASP, MS SQLServer to manage a 4 billion portfolio
  • in 2000 developed in his company a 3D asteroids game which the world's first 3D accerelated first person shooter action game in VB (and C++)
  • developed in his company in 2002 the world's first 3D first person mobile phone game which ran on most Java mobile phones, a 100 level 3D game with its own 3D engine, weighing in at less than 32K in size!
  • in 2006 developed in his company a sitebuilder system in PHP, JavaScript and MySQL, which is a website which designs and creates other websites (this site uses this sitebuilder)
This site is a personal spare time project for Paul, a way of giving back to the community, which also acts as a refreshing distraction from his normal professional software development work and running his interactive software business. is an information only website published by Abstract Worlds Ltd

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